The amount transferred to the claimants this year10 315 359

My rights and obligations

If you have received a enforcement notice, be sure to read the contents of the documents. It contains the necessary information and an overview of your rights and obligations.

Your rights in enforcement proceedings:

  • Obtain information from the enforcement agent about the enforcement proceedings, examine the documents and obtain copies, submit applications, requests for explanations and complaints to the enforcement agent, including challenging the enforcement agent decisions on the resolution of the complaint in court, participating in the seizure of property, participating in the auction and bidding;
  • Submit an application to the court for the suspending, extension or deferral of enforcement proceedings (payment in instalments). There is also the right to file a lawsuit against the claimant if the claim is illegal;
  • Apply to the enforcement agent for the release of the seized income to the extent necessary for your maintenance and that of your dependants.

Your obligations in enforcement proceedings:

  • Notify the enforcement agent immediately to receive the eforcement notice and provide the enforcement agent with your contact details and information about your assets and dependants, together with the relevant documentary evidence and an application for leaving the minimum subsistence figure in the bank you prefer;
  • Provide information about your property, which must be correct, including if the movable or immovable property registered in your name is part of the joint property. At the request of a enforcement agent, you must submit a list of assets or take oaths about the correctness of the information provided;
  • In addition to the debt,you must pay the enforcement agent fee and other enforcement costs.