The amount transferred to the claimants this year6 101 117

Scheme of seizing wages

Minimum wage
The minimum living wage calculated by Statistics Estonia
Number of debtor's dependents
The percentage of attachment in enforcement proceedings (up to 20%)
Debtor's (net) salary
Non-taxable daily allowance
Other benefits that are evaluated financially
Other income of the debtor
Total net income of the debtor

Amount to be attached from wages:


The amount subject to seizure in a maintenance claim:

  • Statistics Estonia publishes the amount of the calculated subsistence minimum calculated on the basis of last year's data in the publication Ametlikud Teadaanded by February 1 of each year.
  • Earnings are not attached if they do not exceed the minimum monthly salary or a corresponding proportion of earnings for a week or day.
  • Where, by law, the debtor maintains another person or pays maintenance to such a person, the non-attachable amount increases by one third of the minimum monthly salary per each dependant, except where compulsory enforcement is conducted in respect of a child’s claim for maintenance.
  • Where making a levy on the debtor’s other property has not led, or presumably will not lead, to complete satisfaction of the claim, attachment may be imposed, for each month – regardless of the number of enforcement cases that are being handled in respect of the debtor – on up to 20 per cent of earnings and from which the estimated subsistence minimum published by Statistics Estonia has been deducted.
  • If the debtor has dependants, the 20 per cent are calculated based on the debtor’s earnings less the amount not subject to attachment pursuant per each dependant and the estimated subsistence minimum published by Statistics Estonia has been deducted.

Portion of earnings that cannot be levied uponCode of Enforcement Procedures (TMS § 132).