The amount transferred to the claimants this year10 315 340

Professional services

A enforcement title is not required to apply for an professional service. The enforcement agent provides professional services outside of enforcement proceedings at the request of a any person. Professional services are provided throughout the territory of Estonia (regardless of the enforcement agent's work district). The terms and conditions of professional service provision and the payment procedure are agreed upon with the service applicant. The enforcement agent is obliged to maintain professional secrecy.

Professional services are:

Service of documents

Use the service of documents if you need a certain proof that the documents have reached the addressee. The enforcement agent reliably fixes the service of documents and issues a corresponding act. We recommend using the service, for example, when terminating contracts, delivering applications and warnings.

Statement of fact

Use the statement of fact service when you need proof of a situation, event or fact. The enforcement agent will fix this and give you a reliable act that you can later use as evidence. We have prioritised the statement of fact in our office since the creation of this service. Today, we have the greatest experience in this field in Estonia. If a fact is established, the enforcement agent gives you a reliable act. We recommend using the service to prevent disputes in all areas of life or to improve your position in such disputes.

Private auction

Use the private auction service if you want to sell an asset within the framework of a reliable, well-monitored and well-fixed electronic or oral auction process. This way you will increase the sales result. We carry out the process impartially and professionally. We recommend using the service, for example, when realizing the landlord's lien and, if necessary, reconcile it with the statement of fact.

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Legal advice

If you need legal advice related to enforcement proceedings or prepare legal documents, we are happy to help you.

If you are interested in the professional services, the enforcement agents will be happy to answer your questions. Choose the enforcement agentHERE.