The amount transferred to the claimants this year8 965 705

Payment schedule application

You have the opportunity to submit an application to the enforcement agent to pay the debt in instalments. The application for the payment schedule must also be accompanied by a bank statements for the last 6 (six) months.

When filling in the payment schedule application and indicating the amount of the refund, we ask you to look seriously from your real solvency, which you can pay monthly.

In certain cases, the first payment must be made immediately.

When making such a payment, there is a greater chance of reaching an agreement with the claimant on the conclusion of a payment schedule.

After we have received the application for the payment schedule, we will make an inquiry to the claimant. Please note that the enforcement agent will enter into a payment schedule with you only with the consent of the claimant. Be sure to take note that the prerequisite for enabling the payment schedule is that the debt can be paid within a reasonable time. We will notify you of the decision as soon as possible.

You can fill in the payment schedule application form HERE.