The amount transferred to the claimants this year8 965 245

Strarting a enforcement procedure

If you have a valid enforcement title and the debtor has not started to fulfill his obligations, you can submit an application to the enforcement agent to initiate enforcement proceedings.

Enforcement titles are for example:

  • a judgment or court order rendered in a civil case, which has entered into effect or is enforceable without delay;
  • a notarially authenticated agreement concerning a monetary claim by which, on the claim’s falling due the debtor has consented to submit to immediate compulsory enforcement;
  • a decision on the imposition of an overdue parking fee made in the course of enforcement of parking regulations;
  • a disposition of a foreign court that has been declared enforceable in Estonia or that is enforceable without having been recognised;

The application for enforcement can be completed HERE.

Child’s claim for maintenance

In the case of a Child’s claim for maintenance contact the enforcement agent if you have an enforcement document and the obligee has not started to fulfill the claim

In the event that there are several enforcement proceedings against the maintenance debtor, regardless of this, the child's maintenance claim must be fulfilled in priority order.

In the event that the debtor does not pay the debt through the enforcement agent, the legal representative of the claimant has the right to request maintenance allowance during the enforcement proceedings. The application must be submitted to the enforcement agent, who will forward the necessary data to the Social Insurance Board.

Application for maintenance allowance for the duration of enforcement proceedings You can find HERE.

You can read more detailed information about maintenance allowance during enforcement proceedings on the website of the Social Insurance Board: