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Submitting an application to the enforcement agent

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Payment schedule application
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Refund income against which claim for payment cannot be made
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Application for terminating the proceedings on account of expiry of the limitation period
Property selling under the supervision of the enforcement agent
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Application for terminating the proceedings on account of expiry of the limitation period

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  • A fee of EUR 18.30 must be paid for the examination of an application for the expiry of limitation period. The details of the enforcement agent`s professional bank account can be foundHERE. The transfer explanation must indicate the number of the enforcement case and 'Aegumise avalduse läbivaatamise tasu.'
  • Please note that the expiry period does not apply automatically. Your application will be sent to the claimant for examination and opinion. We will inform you of the decision. More detailed information about the expiry of the claim can be found in the section of the homepageFAQ

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    I am aware of the debtor's rights and obligations.*
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