The amount transferred to the claimants this year8 964 392

Application limitation debtor's rights and suspension of the debtor's licences

Ühinenud Kohtutäiturid
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The amount of the debtor's maintenance debt

Pursuant to § 177² of the Code of Enforcement Procedures, I ask the enforcement agent to submit an application to the court to suspend the validity of the debtor's following permits or to prohibit their issuance:

Any right to drive a motor vehicle;
Any right to drive recreational craft or personal watercraft
Any weapons permit and any acquisition permit for a weapon
Any right to engage in hunting
Any fishing card

Warn the debtor of the possibility of invalidating the following documents and prohibiting their issuance:

The Estonian citizen’s passport
The alien’s passport;
Any travel document issued to the debtor as a refugee
Any temporary travel document
The seafarer’s discharge book
Any certificate of record of service on an Estonian ship


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